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Reset Password

The Reset Password page allows you to reset a forgotten password or change your password. To reset your password, you must know your staff ID, user ID, and the correct answer to one of your password hint questions; otherwise, you must contact your campus administrator to have your account reset.

Staff ID vs. social security number: For TxEIS districts as of TxEIS release 2.0.0000 (summer 2014): Districts may run a utility to convert staff social security numbers to the new six-digit staff ID. Once the district has run the conversion, only six-digit district-assigned staff IDs will be used; your social security number will no longer be used as your staff ID. If your district has run the conversion, you will register for txGradebook using your six-digit district-assigned staff ID number in the Staff ID field. If your district has not yet run the conversion, you will register using your nine-digit social security number in the Staff ID field. Note that if you register prior to the conversion using your social security number, and then need to reset the password after the conversion, you must use your six-digit staff ID to reset your password.

Reset your password:

❏ From the Login page, click the link under Forget your password. The Reset Password Step 1 page is displayed.

To exit the Reset Password function without saving any changes, click Back to Login.

Step 1:
Staff ID

Type your staff ID number (nine-digit social security number or six-digit district-assigned employee ID number).

User ID

Type the six- to eight-digit user ID you created when you registered for txGradebook.

❏ Click Next. If you entered the data correctly, the Reset Password Step 2 page is displayed.

Step 2:

One of your hint questions is displayed, as established in your User Profile. Type the answer to your hint question exactly as it appears in your profile.

❏ Click Next. If you entered the data correctly, the Reset Password Step 3 page is displayed.

Step 3:

Type a new password. You cannot reuse your last password.

• The password must be six to nine alphanumeric characters.

• At least three characters must be one of the following: uppercase, lowercase, numeric, or punctuation.

• Your password is case sensitive.

Confirm Password

Retype the password exactly as you typed it above. This step confirms that you typed your password as you intended.

❏ Click Finish. If you entered the data correctly, the Announcements page is displayed.

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