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GradeSpeed Export

Campus ID31-3
Teacher ID34-6
Course ID49-12
Student ID615-20
Student Last Name1621-36
Student First Name1237-48
Student Middle Name149
Enrollment Status150A-active, W-withdrawn
Instructor Last Name1652-67
Instructor First Name1268-79
Course Name3080-109
Student Sex1110F or M
Student Race1111
Student Birth Date6112-117MMDDYY
Grade Level2118-119
Student Address50121-170
Student City30171-200
Student State2201-202
Student Zip9203-211
Parent Last Name16212-227
Parent First Name12228-239
Parent Phone10240-249Area code + number
Cycle 1 Grade3250-252
Cycle 2 Grade3253-255
Cycle 3 Grade3256-258
Cycle 4 Grade3259-261Elementary only
Cycle 5 Grade3262-264Elementary only
Cycle 6 Grade3265-267Elementary only
Semester 1 Grade3268-270
Semester 1 Exam3271-273
Semester 2 Grade3274-276
Semester 2 Exam3277-279
Semester 3 Grade3280-282
Semester 3 Exam3283-285
Attendance Track1287
Semester 4 Grade3288-290
Semester 4 Exam3291-293
Period Begin2294-295
Attendance Only Flag1302Y, N
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