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Early Childhood Data System (ECDS) Submission - Prekindergarten: Update 2020-2021

The Early Childhood Data System (ECDS) collection is one of the TSDS Core Collections. This guide covers the submission of prekindergarten (PK) data. (Kindergarten data is submitted separately.) The reporting of PK program data for ECDS is mandatory for all public school districts. The reporting of private PK program data is optional.

LEAs are required to submit specific demographic, classroom link, and special program data elements for the 2020-2021 ECDS PK collection.

The ECDS PK submission is due June 24, 2021.

NOTE: The assessment vendor will provide the ECDS PK assessment data directly to LEAs in TWEDS-compliant XML format. LEAs will load the assessment data files into TSDS.

Extract Rules and Edits for 2020-2021




Hard-coded elements

I. Verify TxEIS Business Data

Verify data for each element in the TxEIS Human Resources (HR) application. It is suggested that you run reports first, and then use the maintenance pages in the HR application to update data where needed.

Human Resources

  • Human Resources Reports
  • Human Resources > Maintenance > Staff Demo > Demographic Information
  • Human Resources > Tables > Credential > Teaching Specialization
  • Human Resources > Maintenance > Staff Demo > Credentials

II. Verify TxEIS Student Data

Verify data for each element in the TxEIS Student applications. It is suggested that you run reports first, and then use the maintenance pages in the Student applications to update data where needed.

Grade Reporting

  • Grade Reporting Reports
  • Grade Reporting > Maintenance > Master Schedule > Campus Schedule > Section
  • Grade Reporting > Maintenance > Student > Individual Maint > Crs Assign


  • Registration Reports
  • Registration > Maintenance > Student Enrollment > Demo1
  • Registration > Maintenance > Student Enrollment > Demo2
  • Registration > Maintenance > Student Enrollment > W/R Enroll
  • Registration > Maintenance > Student Enrollment > SpecEd
  • Registration > Maintenance > Student Enrollment > Bil/ESL
  • Registration > Maintenance > Student Enrollment > PK Enroll

III. Verify Data and Create XML File

  • Review the Family Plan Engagement Link.
  • Create XML file.
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