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 Use this TxEIS record layout to import grades from third-party grade book products. Use this TxEIS record layout to import grades from third-party grade book products.
 ^Description^Length^Position^ ^Description^Length^Position^
-||||+|Campus ID|3|1-3| 
 +|Student ID|6|4-9| 
 +|Course Number|4|10-13| 
 +|Section Number|2|14-15| 
 +|Cycle Grade|3|18-20| 
 +|Exam Grade|3|21-23|  
 +|Semester Grade|3|24-26| 
 +|Final Grade|3|27-29| 
 +|Comment Code - 1|1|30| 
 +|Comment Code - 2|1|31| 
 +|Comment Code - 3|1|32| 
 +|Comment Code - 4|1|33|  
 +|Comment Code - 5|1|34| 
 +|Number of Excused Absences|2|35-36| 
 +|Number of Unexcused Absences|2|37-38| 
 +|Number of School-related Absences|2|39-40| 
 +|Number of Tardies|2|41-42| 
 +|Conduct Grade|1|43| 
 +|Credit Awarded*|3|45-47| 
 +* Credit awarded assumes a decimal between the first and second digits. For example, 100 is interpreted as 1.00 credits; 050 is interpreted as 0.50 credits. If no credit is being awarded, the field is NC.
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