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txConnect Admin > Administrator Options > Settings > Forms Management > Forms

New Student forms are dynamic forms used specifically for the new student enrollment process. Several New Student forms are included automatically and already have columns (i.e., fields) added.

  • New Student Address
  • New Student Contacts
  • New Student Enrollment

These forms cannot be deleted or renamed; however, you can modify some of the default settings for each form column.

To edit a New Student form, click under Options.

The form opens on the Form Editor page where you can make changes.

The Name, Campus, Editable, and Visible fields display the default information and cannot be changed. Also, these forms cannot be archived.

Current Language Context

Select the language of the form you are editing.

Special Instructions or information for this form

Type any specific instructions for the form, up to 2000 characters, in the selected language.

The instructions should be typed in the language selected in Current Language Context. If Spanish instructions are not provided, English instructions will be displayed even if the parent is viewing txConnect in Spanish.

You cannot add columns to a New Student form; the Add button is disabled. However, you can modify the following settings for existing columns:

Friendly Name

The default friendly name is displayed. If you selected Spanish for Current Language Context, the default friendly names are Spanish. Modify the name as needed, up to 50 characters.


Indicate the order in which you want the fields to be displayed on the form. For example, type 1 if you want to field to be displayed at the top of the form.

Field Set

Use this column to group related fields together in the form. For example, you could type “Mailing Address” for all fields that are related to the student’s mailing address.

The fields that you want to physically group together should also be together as indicated by the Order field. The fields with the same Field Set are grouped together in a box, but only if they are adjacent in the order. The box is drawn around one or more sequential fields that have a Field Set specified.

The field set should be typed in the language selected in Current Language Context. If a Spanish field set name is not provided, the English field set name will be displayed even if the parent is viewing txConnect in Spanish.


Select if you want the field to be visible to parents on the form. Clear the check box if you do not want the field visible to parents. For example, you can hide the four-digit zip code extension. The setting of this field overrides all other visibility settings.


Select to allow parents to update data in this field from the form.

• If selected, the form field will be editable, but only if the field is also set to Updateable=true on the Form Field Management page.

• If not selected, this will override the other setting, and the form field will not be editable.

• This setting does not apply to New Student forms.


Select if the field is required of the parents. If this field is selected, be sure Edit is also selected.


Click the button to view any existing default instructions and add additional instructions for the field. A pop-up window opens.

Click Close.

Click Save.

Click < Forms to return to the Form Management page.

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