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Online Registration Creator

txConnect Admin > Administrator Options > Settings > Forms Management > Online Registration

This page allows district-level users to create a template (i.e., set of forms) for student online registration.

Online Registration refers to forms required annually for students, which is not the same as New Student Enrollment.

When Online Registration is enabled at the district, these forms will be displayed to parents when they are logged on to txConnect, and will have notifications indicating which forms are completed and which still require the parent’s attention.

Manage forms:

Online Registration Date Range (right)

The following data is displayed for your reference as entered on txConnect Admin > Settings and cannot be updated here.

Beginning on
Ending on

The beginning and ending dates for online registration for the specified school year are displayed.

School Year

The school year for which students are registering during this date range is displayed.

Initially no forms are listed on the right side of the page.

Available Forms (left)

The list includes all existing district-level forms (created on the Form Management page), excluding campus-level forms and forms that are specifically for New Student Enrollment.

**Stc** = Static form
**Stc** = Dynamic form
**Stc** = Standard form

By default, the Registration form is included, which contains all possible fields a parent may need to review annually.

TIP: It is recommended that districts create a customized registration form (using the Form Management page) for annual online registration that includes only the fields that districts want parents to review annually.

Also, the Home Language Survey standard form, which is required for new student enrollment, is only required once when the student enrolls in the district. This form is not listed for Online Registration.

To add a form to the Online Registration template, click the blue arrow next to the form you want to add.

The form moves to the right.

The first form you add is listed as Step 1. The next form you add is Step 2, and so on.

Continue adding all forms required for online student registration.

selected forms (right)

Instructions for each form are displayed as entered on the Form Editor page and cannot be updated here.

Arrange forms:

As forms are selected for the Online Registration Template, they are listed in the order in which they were added; however you can rearrange them as needed using one of the following methods:

• Click Move Up or Move Down to move the form up or down in the list.

• Use the number option to number the forms. Click the number to access the drop-down list. Select a number from the drop-down list. Forms will be listed numerically according to the number.

• Click Remove Step to remove the form from the template. It is again listed under Available Forms.

Edit a form:

Click the form name. The form opens on the Form Editor page where you can make changes.

Standard forms cannot be edited. You cannot click the form name.

Changes to the template are saved automatically; there is no Save button.

Click Back to Forms Management to return to that page.

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